The Amazing Race 5

Meet the Teams

Original Airdate: 12.31.1969

Not a real episode - we just wanted more snark time with the teams.

Pre-race Meeting

Shortly after the Amazing Race teams were announced, our offices received several mysterious boxes full of videotapes, memos, and assorted documentsÖ

Pre-Race Astrological Report

The Great and All-Knowing Rabrab graces The Tarflies with her astrological predictions. Do the stars sparkle from their wisdom, or because they've been off splashing around in the tub?

Andrewís Amazing Intro to TAR5

The TARflies think that Andrew (from TAR3) has slipped through the looking glass. (And thatís a Disney reference, since there was an old Alice in Wonderland cartoon years ago. Read on for more.)

Meet and Greet

Are you getting ready for the premiere of TAR5 and need to get your pre-hate, love and meh mojo going? Our opinionated bunch of TARflies are here to help.

In Control - The Beginning

Itís time again for another edition of our favorite show, The Amazing Race. Youíve all seen the CBS profiles on the new racers, but what do those really tell you? Thatís why Steve and Dave have agreed to do some recaps for TARflies.