The Amazing Race 5

It's Okay, Run Them Over

Original Airdate: 09.14.2004

Battleground: Manila. Combatants: Colin and one ornery Ox. Winner? The viewers. Guess who didn't come in first this time? They are, however, saved by a non-elim. Chip and Kim take first.

Racer Report – Episode Eleven

You want drama? You want karma dished out by an Ox? Oh yeah baby, have we got a nice little multiple Emmy award winning show for you!

Yippeeeee . . . Yahoooo . . . and . . . Yields Away – Episode 11

Something tells me Al's a little bit excited about this episode....

In Control, Leg 11

We guess there are going to be a lot of people mocking Colin for his, “my ox is broken” comment this week. Normally, so would we.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 11

As if there wasn't enough ranting in the episode, Bellmoose checks in with his comments.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – the Philippines

Welcome to the Philippines (that’s one “l” and two “p’s”), land of broken links, pictures of obscene tomatoes, and really cool recipe names.

Culture Report – Philippines

M. Darcy fills us in on some of the movies and books that feature Philippines.

Astrological Predictions – Episode Eleven

It may not be as much fun as rolling a zorb, but with Rabrab rolling the dice the results are always interesting.

Episode 11

Alex, second season co-winner, checks in with his predictions for the eleventh episode of TAR5.