The Amazing Race 5

They're Screwing the Helmet to my Head---It Can't Be Good

Original Airdate: 09.07.2004

It's Zorb time, baby! Chip's a big tease and Kim's not too happy about it. First? Do we really need to tell you? And finally, Kami and Karli go rolling away.

Leg 10: They're on a Roll Now

It's all downhill for the racers as they have a ball in the Shire ... er, Phil's backyard.

Racer Report – Episode Ten

Phil, WRP and Chip are just big Yield teasers. That's all there is to it. And has anyone had the following stuck in their heads since this ep? "Zorbing, Zorbing, Zorbing; Keep those Zorbs a rolling." Just me? Okay.

Back home for Phil – Episode 10

Al does his best not to let his jealousy of the racers' going to New Zealand get in the way of his commentary.

In Control, Leg 10

We have finally been vindicated! There have been those of you who have derided, questioned, mocked, and generally laughed at our decision to lug cheese instead of digging through poo.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 10

Begging, digging in mud, sledging and zorbing – yep, lots to rant about.

Culture Report – New Zealand

M. Darcy fills us in on some of the movies and books that feature New Zealand.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand, next location for TAR5, home of Phil, and the country in which they filmed Lord of the Rings (mmm, Viggo).

Astrological Predictions - Episode Ten

Rabrab's been rolling, rolling, rolling - see what her dice predict for episode ten.

Episode Ten

Alex took last week off, so he's well rested and ready to prognosticate!