The Amazing Race 5

Clearly, I'm More Intelligent Than You

Original Airdate: 07.06.2004

Blood, stitches, slabs of meat, and cab fights. Hello, TAR5! Thousands of Alison haters groan when she and Donny get to the mat first. We then wave bye-bye to Dennis and Erika.

Leg 1: Uruguay an' You're a-Payin'

Alison wasn't the only reality star in Uruguay during the first leg. Find out who the other celebrity was, why he was there, and what behind-the-scenes hijinks ensued.

The Angel of Death - Episode One

First things first: Iím an idiot. I should have cards printed up: Frank Montgomery. Sound Technician. Idiot.

Racer Report - Episode One

Season 5 gets of to a rip-roaring start. We got your ticket counter, meat carrying, missed clues blues here. Don't forget to mix in a little zip-line anxiety/joy. Doing all this stuff? Just a couple of fame whores, beauty pageant queens, televangelists and some token "normal" people. How can anyone not like this show?

In Control - Episode One

Are we the only ones who watched the premiere of The Amazing Race 5 and thought, "Hey! This is just TAR4 with a new cast."?

TAR Virginís View - Episode One

Each week, TAR Virgin, a TAR newbie, will write her impressions of the most recent episode. Here she weighs in on Episode One.

Fashion Report - Episode One

Another season starts and blesses us with much to gab about fashion-wise.


Here's a brief overview of this lovely place, once known as "the Switzerland of South America" because of its governmental stability, stable economy, and social peace.

Culture Report Ė California to Uruguay

The Daily Double Diva has filed her culture report for episode one.

Chef Dariaís Amazing Menu - Uruguay

How cultish are we? Cultish enough to have a meal every week using recipes from the countries the racers visit?

Episode One: Astrological Predictions

Rabrab roles her Astrological dice to give us her predictions for episode one of TAR5. (For the truly unspoiled, this might contain task/location spoilers.)