The Amazing Race 4

It's Like Adam Building His First House!

Original Airdate: 08.21.2003

Season Four ends rather anti-climactically in Phoenix with Reichen & Chip crossing the finish line first. Kelly & Jon end up in second. David & Jeff get lost in Hawaii and are never heard from again.

Fashion Report - Final Episode and TARCon

Daria gets the scoop on the yellow shorts, Swimmerboy gets kissed and the Amazing Blur isn't quite as amazing as it thinks it is.

Racer Report - The Finale

Is it really time for the last episode of season four? Where did the time go? Who wins? (Nope, not them.) Who gets naked? (Nope, still not them.) Who follows the Groanies' flight plan? (Yes, them.)

Leg 13 – Phoenix, USA

I think Iím in a lot of trouble, diary. Let me explain.