The Amazing Race 4

That's Me. That's My Face. Just Hit My Face. Hit My Face!

Original Airdate: 07.31.2003

The teams head to South Korea where they encounter such obstacles as live octopi that must be consumed and wooden boards that must be broken. Kelly & Jon come in first while David & Jeff are saved thanks to a non-elimination leg.

Leg 10 – Seoul, South Korea

This was kind of a good news – bad news leg, diary. The bad news? Evil still walks among us. The good news? I didn’t start World War Three. So I suppose we’re even.

Fashion Report - Episode Ten

Nutbunches? Tattoos? Chest shaving? Amazing Shrunken Head Phil? What in the heck is going on here? Oh yes, we were talking about underwear...

Location Report - Malaysia (Pt 2) and Seoul, Korea

We start off in Sandakan, Malaysia, move on to the Orangutan Sanctuary and end up in Seoul, Korea.

Racer Report - Episode Ten

How do the racers deal with a plate full of live, squirmy seafood? (See how I stayed away from that whole "plural of octopus" controversy?) ClownJon and those boards? Nutbunches? The Wrath of Kelly? Oh my!