The Amazing Race 4

The Princess Reminded Me of My Grandmother

Original Airdate: 07.17.2003

Hey, did you know Reichen & Chip were gay? Or that Millie & Chuck were virgins? Did you care? Yeah, that's what we thought. Jon & Al come in first; Kelly & Jon are saved by a non-elimination leg.

Leg 8 – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Hey diary, how are you doing. What’s that smell, you ask? Well, for the first time in JB knows how long, it has nothing to do with animal by-products.

Fashion Report - Episode Eight

Swimmerboy returns to the TARflies fashion fold. (I'm still on vacation, so that's it for a blurb).

Racer Report - Episode Eight

What? You want me to write a blurb about this piece? I just spent a day of my vacation sitting in my hotel room processing and uploading photos for the site and it's almost 2am. That's the closest you are going to get to a blurb right now.

Location Report - Malaysia

You mean there's really a place called Kota Kinabalu? That's so much fun to say!