The Amazing Race 4

We're Going Down The Wrong Side Of The Freeway...And The Lights Are Off!

Original Airdate: 07.10.2003

Still in India, David & Jeff keep their lead as the teams take on crazy cab drivers, a long train ride, muddy bulls, and skinny elephants. Tian & Jaree are eliminated.

Leg 7 – Kerala, India

Oh crap. Do I have to do this? Do I really have to do this now? Yeah, I know, if I don’t do it now, I never will. You are a harsh and cruel mistress, diary. Harsh and cruel…

Racer Report - Episode Seven

Hey, kiddos! It's time to go back to 5th grade. Here, this cursed cab driver will take you there. Want a cookie? No? Okay, we really don't blame you.

Fashion Report - Episode Seven

Well, that was a real mudslinging episode, in more ways than one. Verbal, bovine, we had it all. A very physical and rigorous leg, and I have to say that the teams’ fashion choices for the most part stood the test.