The Amazing Race 4

You Are Just Deliberately Trying To Make Us Lose!

Original Airdate: 06.26.2003

Teams are tested by turds and whey as we all learn how to "high poo five." Millie & Chuck Fast Forward to first via a windmill while Steve & Dave are eliminated for coming in last . . . for real this time.

The Amazing Race 4.5: Al Looks Back

This leg of the race was most definitely one of my favorites. By this time, we had just seemed to get our stride going right and we also had a lot of fun running this leg.

Fashion Report - Episode Five

Daria and Hildy check in with this week's fashion report - and boy, are they seeing red. The burn pile continues to grow. And the season's first Ugly Ass Award!

Leg 5 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

That was a trip. In more ways than one, as you’ll see shortly. As I mentioned in my last entry, I got quite a bit of rest before the last Pit Stop.

Racer Report - Episode Five

Tight airport connections, poo flinging, cheese carrying and eel the report of this week's most fun episode.

All About Amsterdam

Think you know about Amsterdam? Try this quiz.