The Amazing Race 4

I Wasn't Even Going To Touch You Until You Slammed My Head

Original Airdate: 06.12.2003

Millie suffers from an asthma attack and then accuses Chip of attacking her as the teams head to Vienna. Russell & Cindy bicker their way into last place while Steve & Josh Fast Forward into first.

The Amazing Race 4.3: Al Looks Back

Ahhhh, this probably wasn’t one of my favorite legs of the race.

Racer Report - Episode Three

Ahhh...Bach. Oh, sorry, wrong composer. Our racers head off to Vienna, run around some sewers, bungee (again?) and learn just how elusive a Beethoven can be. Sacher Torte anyone?

Leg 3 - Gmunden

This has to have been the longest two days of my life. And most painful. Did I mention the pain? I guess I should start at the beginning.

Fashion Report: Episode Three

Sensible hair, crampons, glamour lacking sunglasses and the season's first "Pretty People" award. See what Hildy and Daria are up to with this week's fashion report.