The Amazing Race 4

It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come First Served...And We're Bigger

Original Airdate: 06.05.2003

The maze known as Venice does in a couple of cussing racers as things heat up in the second leg. Should things really be getting this testy this early?

The Amazing Race 4.2: Al Looks Back

Jon and I were just so happy that we werenít the first team eliminated, It was also a wake-up call to continue to keep positive, always push hard and, no matter what, donít give up.

Timeline - Leg 2

The Notebook Brigade gets the job done on episode two of TAR4.

Location Report - Vienna

Vienna is famous for many things from Freud to waltzes. Three highlights of Vienna are music, horses and food.

Racer Report - Episode Two

What the bleeping heck happened this week? Who's working their way into the TARflies' hearts? Just how many issues does Daria have with Russell? Who has yet to make an impression?

Fashion Report - Episode Two

Welcome our new fashion reporter Hildy. She seems to have many hat issues, something I'm sure we can all relate to.

Leg 2 - Venice

After Steve and Debra got Philiminated in Cortina (and I could hear them whooping it up all the way to the Sequesterville Trolley), I had to spend two hours getting that Lonely Goatherd make-up off. Then it was eat, sleep, and mingle time.