The Amazing Race 16

Nanna is Kicking Your Butt

Original Airdate: 02.14.2010

Teams have to get to the airport via public transport…in LA. Then, they head off to Chile (not China) where they walk on cables way up in the air. Next up, they paint a house. Jordan & Jeff come in 1st; Dana & Adrian are going home.

"In Control" – Vol. XVI, No. 10

Here we are again. Season 16 of The Amazing Race and, once again, Steve & Dave are back to walk you through every episode. Or at least, every episode we feel like writing about. Come to think of it, we may not be around that much this year.

Zach's Take - TAR 16 Ep 1

Did Zach and Shawn like the first episode as much as the forum posters? Have a listen and find out.