The Amazing Race 14

Rooting Around in People's Mouths Could Be Unpleasant

Original Airdate: 04.12.2009

Teams head to Bangkok where they have to put a propeller on a boat. Next up, they have a choice between matching people to dentures and singing in a cab. Margie & Luke come in first. Mark & Michael get a 4 hour penalty, but are saved by a non-elim.

"In Control" Vol. XIV, No. 8

So anyhow, please bear with us and we will begin in about 40 minutes from now. Here - we don't want all of you to have to waste time waiting for us to start, so why not go do something else for the next forty minutes, and then come back.

Zach's Take - TAR 14 Ep 8

Zach and Shawn discuss Racer IQs and rules & regs. Check it out.