The Amazing Race 14

Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me

Original Airdate: 02.15.2009

And they're off! First stop: Switzerland and a bungee jump of doom. After that excitement, we get the comic relief of Racers racking their cheese (no poo, though). Margie & Luke come in first. It's a footrace for last place and Jennifer & Preston lose.

Zach's Take - TAR 14 Ep 1

Zach and Shawn chat about changes to graphics, editing, the new teams, and, of course, the cheese. It always goes back to the cheese. Check it out.

"In Control" Vol. XIV, No. 1

We'll be honest with you. We weren't sure we would be back this season. We still aren't.

Zach's Take - TAR 14 Preview

TAR 3 co-winner Zach Behr and Shawn Pooley (of Radio NL 610 and CKRV 97.5 in Kamloops, British Columbia) are back for another season of TAR and ready to go. Listen to their thoughts on the upcoming season.