The Amazing Race 12

Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!

Original Airdate: 12.30.2007

The Race heads to Mumbai where they read a newspaper, bump into some yoga, paste up posters, string flowers, and deliver propane. Rachel & TK come in first. Kynt & Vyxsin U-Turn a team in front of them and are eliminated.

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 8

I'm really glad that the Goths didn't get eliminated last week. They are one of my top three favorite teams this season.

Zach's Take Episode 8

Zach's back from a trip to Korea. Find out what he and Shawn think about the last two episodes. Also, Zach goes out on a limb and predicts a winner.

"In Control" - Vol. XII, No. 8

We're rather bummed, to be honest. The spoilers we heard were all filthy lies (as it turns out), and now our favorite team has been eliminated. And still we have to get through another column.