The Amazing Race 12

We've Really Burned Bridges, for Sure

Original Airdate: 12.02.2007

Teams leave Burkina Faso and head to Lithuania where they do some stilt walking, post counting and mingling with the locals. TK and Rachel finish first, winning a 10 day trip to Japan while Shana and Jennifer bicker themselves right out of the Race.

"In Control" - Vol. XII, No. 5

Several seasons ago, we told you about some of the lesser-known clues that racers might encounter while on The Amazing Race. (You should realize that when we say “told you about” we actually mean, “made up and put in our column”.)

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 5

I'm sorry that I am doing episode 5 before 4, but SOMEONE in my house deleted it before I had a chance to watch.