The Amazing Race: All-Stars

You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy

Original Airdate: 03.18.2007

Teams fly to Mozambique, where the rats are smart, the manicures al fresco and sometimes free, and the coal bags messy. Danny & Oswald act like true fans by chasing Phil, Charla & Mirna win the leg, and Uchenna & Joyce are saved by an NEL.

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 5

The last thing I want to imagine is the Guido's in a thong, even if it does have their name on it.

"In Control" - Vol. XI, No. 5

The first thing that was apparent about tonight's episode was that it's pretty tough to turn one hour's worth of material into a two-hour show, unless you add extra commercials and other filler, including shots of a pre-teen crying her way through the show.

Bart's How-to Guide Episode 5

Ninety three percent of avalanche victims dug out within the first fifteen minutes can be recovered alive. Only around thirty percent of victims dug out after forty five minutes are recovered alive.

Zach's Take Episode 5

Zach's back from Vegas and up $150. Listen in as he and Shawn Pooley talk about last weekend's episode.