The Amazing Race: All-Stars

No Babies On the Race

Original Airdate: 03.11.2007

Teams head to Punta Arenas for a spelling test and then to Ushuaia for a needle in a haystack at the end of the world. Lies, trash-talk, and cab-stealing go before a fall when Danny & Oswald come in first and Romber goes down!

Letters to the All-Stars

Ever wonder about the letters that were sent to All-Star Racers but not found in the episode? Well, we've been calling in favors and digging in trash cans and, aside from a minor rash, are pretty happy with the results.

"In Control" - Vol. XI, No. 4

Gather ‘round children, and listen as Uncle Steve and Uncle Dave tell you the story of "The Tortoise and the".

Bart's How-to Guide – Episode 4

Keep it simple. Thus far in the race, the simpler detour option (clipping horse's hooves, moving gravel, white water rafting) seems to be the faster detour.

Amazing Race Rant – Episode 4

A tough sell for tourism: Come for the lakes ... stay for the desolation

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 4

I can't believe Joe and Bill and Charla and Mirna are two hours behind the leaders. They must have REALLY gotten lost.

Elimination Report – Rob & Amber

Rob: "Within a period of ten minutes, you can go from being in first place to last place. It's a miserable game, this race."

Zach's Take – Episode 4

What do Zach and Shawn think about this week's ep? Did it live up to the hype? And who's getting under Zach's skin? Listen up!

Episode 4: Eeny-meeny, chili-beeny, the spirits are about to speak....

Part the fourth, in which Rabrab gets another cookie, eats some more humble pie, and waffles more about team placements. In which she finally gets around to throwing the Zodiac stuff back into the mix. In which she also probably should have some supper, considering all the food-related figures of speech she's using...