The Amazing Race: All-Stars

I'm Sorry I'm Wearing a Bathing Suit. It Is Very Weird, I Know

Original Airdate: 03.04.2007

Teams flounder their way through Chile while trying to come to grips with their Ichthyophobia. They all choose wild white water rafting but some go overboard in their enthusiasm. Rob & Amber get the hat trick and we bid adios to Team Kentucky.

"In Control" - Vol. XI, No. 3

Last week we rather enjoyed actually reporting what happened on the most recent leg of the race, so we thought we might actually give it a go again.

Bart's How-to Guide Episode 3

Checking on Orbitz, a trip Easter Weekend from New York's JFK Airport to Puerto Montt is currently running $922 US.

Amazing Race Rant Episode 3

And with the arrival of the teams, known hereafter as either "The Valley of the Culturally Dead" or "The Valley of the Better off Dead"

Elimination Report Dave & Mary

Mere weeks had elapsed between the airing of the TAR10 finale and the TARAS premiere. Certain doubts and fears nagged at fans' minds: Was it really worth casting two teams from the previous season?

Zach's Take Episode 3

Zach's back! Yep, back and talking with Shawn about another episode of the Race. Listen to them chat about Episode 3 and get Zach's prediction for the next leg.

Episode 3: Eeny-meeny, chili-beeny, the spirits are about to speak...

Part the third, in which Rabrab has both another portion of crow, and a cookie. In which she briefly waxes philosophical on the pitfalls of believing that because she doesn't like something, it doesn't work.