The Amazing Race: All-Stars

I Told You Less Martinis and More Cardio

Original Airdate: 02.18.2007

Our All-Stars leave Miami for Ecuador and, after some horse wrangling, Rob & Amber come in first, winning a trip to exotic...Canada? Sadly, the lovely Jill & John Vito are the first team to be Philiminated.

"In Control" - Vol. XI, No. 1

A great number of people think that we really put forth a lot of effort each week to write this column.

Amazing Race Rant – Episode 1

"This is Miami, Florida. Gateway to the Americas." ... Phil ... given the invasion of reality stars, the Americas may want to consider shutting that gate really quick.

Elimination Report John Vito & Jill

They didn’t learn.

Bart's How-to Guide Episode 1

Trying to get ready for the Amazing Race? Screw cardio, drinking Martinis is more fun. And if you're drinking Martinis to get ready for a race hosted by a New Zealander, why not get ready by drinking Kiwi Martinis?

Carissa Explains It All Episode 1

Phil what are you talking about some of the strongest racers ever? The Guidos dog with a broken leg could probably run faster than a few of these teams. Sorry, I had to say it.

Zach's Take Episode 1

TAR3 co-winner Zach Behr and Shawn Pooley (of Radio NL 610 and CKRV 97.5 in Kamloops, British Columbia) are back for another season of TAR commentary. Listen in as they talk about the All-Star premiere.

Eeny-meeny, chili-beeny, the spirits are about to speak....

Part the first, in which Daria and Rabrab will run the I Ching and Randomly-Generated Astrology together head-on at a high rate of speed and see what kind of carnage results.