The Amazing Race 10

We Won't Just Die, like Roaches

Original Airdate: 11.26.2006

The teams head to Morocco where the Barbies yield Bama and Phil wears some unfortunate jeans. After playing at being gladiators, teams grind some olives. The Models come in first and win cool phones and the Barbies are saved by a non-elimination.

Carissa Explains It All Episode 11

I'm sorry, I don't have much to say but this was a boring episode. All of the airport stuff makes me want to go to bed early.

Zach's Take: Episode 11

What do Zach and Shawn think of the yield? Was the placement fair? And what about the non-elimination? Listen to their commentary.

"In Control" - Vol. X, No. 11

This has been a rather tough season for us. We really haven’t had much in the way of ideas for things to write about.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Morocco

A warning about Moroccan cuisine: The Zzard and I recently went to a new restaurant where he had a common Moroccan dish, tagine, for the first time.