The Amazing Race 10

I Covered His Mouth, Oh My Gosh!

Original Airdate: 10.15.2006

After intense travel agency drama, the Racers head to India where they have to learn to make rice art, transport alligators (insert Steve Irwin joke here), and learn how to drive India-style. Mary & Dave are non-Philiminated in an all new way.

Carissa Explains It All – Episode 5

I like that, in Vietnam, you can only get airline tickets at a travel agency. This way, teams have to think on their own to get the best flights and they can't just copy each other.

"In Control" - Vol. X, No. 5

You see, we have always assumed that the average TARflies reader/poster was a little bit brighter that the average population.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 5

Either Phil's reading from a travel brochure or the writers are aching to start the great American novel.