The Amazing Race 10

Real Fast! Quack, Quack!

Original Airdate: 09.17.2006

TAR opens with a bang as teams are sent to China where Bilal & Sa'eed are Philiminated in the middle of the leg. Vipul & Arti are last to the Pit Stop and also take the walk of shame. In happier news, Tyler & James finish 1st and win a cool $20,000.

Carissa Explains It All – Episode 1

My pre-show favorites are the Korean brothers, the guys with beards, and the Indian couple.

Amazing Race Rant - Episode 1

The new season started off with a bang - now it's time for the rants to do the same.

Culture Report — Seattle

The ever dependable M. Darcy is back with her Culture Reports for the new season. First up? Seattle.