The Amazing Race

Divide and Conquer

Original Airdate: 09.19.2001

Africa to Paris, where things get tense. Lenny and Karyn show the world they weren't meant for each other, but in the end, it's Kim and Leslie who are last to the mat.

Episode Two

The Australian speaks his mind while miri suffers from deja vu with a twist. We're still waiting to see what Tribefan comes up with...

Ep Two: I Want to Bite Them in the Ass

It's a miracle that I have written this article-thing this week. There's hardly been a time where the TV wasn't being used to watch some version of the Real Rules-Road World Fantasy What Would Happen If We Stuck 36 Horny Kids In A Condo Challenge.

Culture Report Africa to Paris

From Africa to Paris - we have a lot of ground to cover this week.