The Amazing Race

The Race Begins

Original Airdate: 09.05.2001

And they're off! The first ever Amazing Race starts off with swinging fat bastards and a ton of fun - from New York to Zambia. Good-bye Matt and Ana, we hardly got to know ya.

Pucker Up!

Is it an invitation or a dare? And does it have to be fast? Caption Phil!

Ep One: Let the Scrod Licking Begin!

Well kids, I was all set to write this column about The Amazing Race season 1 when I realized, "Shit, I've already seen this show, I've been on this show, season 1 has been written about many times what the fuck am I going to write?"

Episode One

Can you go home again? More importantly, can you write about racers after having partied with them – with all the noggin’ rubbing and ass grabbing that includes?

Culture Report –New York to South Africa

As the Amazing Race travels around the world, M. Darcy plans on enlightening us about local culture via the books and movies that are associated with a location.