The Amazing Race 9

From Long-Distance to Long-Term

Ray and Yolanda chat with us about the fun they had on the Race, the effect it had on their relationship, and what they are up to now.

MoJo Rising

Monica and Joseph show us a slightly different side to them than we saw on the Race. One that involves a lot of laughter and answers the eternal question, who needs mind games when you’ve got your mojo going?

Lightening the Load with Joni

She may have started the Race with a huge back-pack and a desire for some plastic surgery, but after taking in her surroundings, Joni decided to travel the road of life with less baggage.

Fear of Flying

John proves that first out doesn’t mean failure. The Amazing Race can still make a huge difference in your life—if you let it.

The Amazing Race 9 Crossword

Test your knowledge of TAR9 with this crossword puzzle.

Hip, Hip(pie), Hooray!

After walking back from a late night dinner, BJ & Tyler gave us a call. Walking? In LA? Nobody walks in LA!

In Control Vol. IX, No. 0

First off, you should all thank your lucky stars that this site’s management finally saw their way clear to coming up with the big bucks that we were demanding.