The Amazing Race 5

TAR5 Memories

Make sure your ox is in good working order, brush up on your Mirnish and start packing, it’s time for The Amazing Race 5 on GSN.

Bowling Moms Rule!

Linda and Karen laugh their way through a conversation about yields, teamwork, nerves, family, The Amazing Race 6 and the new "Bowling Mom Rule."

The Amazing Race 5 -- Timeline

The who, what, where and when of TAR5.

Meet Mr. Caviar

Chip and Kim sit down with us for a friendly chat. Find out what motivated them to go on the race and how they are using their good luck and hard work to motivate others.

Chatting with Charla

In this rather lengthy interview, we talk about the "m" word, bicycles, Madonna, a fantastic horse ride in Egypt and that "I can do anything" sound bite. (I couldn't find a good place to divide this up, so you get it in one long piece!)

It's a Wonderful Race

We finish up our lengthy Colin and Christie interview with a discussion of caviar, Zorbs and that darn Ox.

My Editor Is Broken!

In part one of the Colin and Christie interview, we left off with Colin handing the phone to Christie so that he could eat his dinner. We pick things back up with Christie.

He's Packing It!

Colin chats with us about the importance of being well prepared. Oh, and a few other touchy subjects. Christie joins in for a bit, too.

Mingling with Mirna Part Two

Previously on "Mingling with Mirna," we were discussing the Yield and why we don't like it. We then quickly discovered, that we had strayed far away from our list of questions. Will we recover or are we hopelessly lost?

Mingling with Mirna Part One

What do you do when people start forming camps depending on how much they like or dislike you? You let bygones be bygones and you chat with one of the members of the "other" camp.

The TAR5 Crossword Challenge

How much attention were you paying to TAR5? Try this puzzle on for size.

Another Point of View

Whiterabbit gives us her view on Charla and why she was glad to see a Little Person on the race.

Mirnish 101

Our esteemed guest linguist, Frenchteacher offers us this basic lesson in Mirnish - the international language of panicked travelers.

Disgruntled Chef

Kami? Karli? Who knows. This photo still needs caption.

Top 10 Things I've Learned From TAR5 Spoilers

Warning, this list contains location spoilers for TAR5.