The Amazing Race 4

TAR4 Memories

As our trip through TARs past continues, it's time for ATCs, F-bombing cuties, clowns, and more Steves than you can shake a stick at. Yep, it's time for TAR4. Updated August 20th to include comments by Clown Jon.

Looking Back

How much attention were you paying to TAR4? Take M. Darcy's trivia test and find out.


The what/when/where of TAR4.

The Wax Man Speaketh

Reichen took a brief break from spending his half a million to answer our questions. See what the co-winner of TAR4 has to say.

Beware the Fog!

Proving that his good attitude wasn’t something he just slipped on for the Race, Jon answers our questions with great enthusiasm.

The Amazing Race: Television for Cats – Episodes Seven through Nine

Fish? Did someone say fish? And what about men who like men who like cats? Yep, Pet Psychic Sonia is back to help us talk to our special cat correspondents.

Tian Flying Fast

Tian took some time from her busy schedule of posting on TWoP (heh) to answer our questions. Jaree seems to be having too much fun away from the computer - and really, who can blame her for that? If we get her answers, we'll post them a later date.

The Third Steve

The race's last Steve standing takes on our questions. More about those pesky airline tickets, some TWoP shout-outs and the longest eyebrow raise ever.

Q&A With Dave

Dave gets a leg up (knee up?) on his racing partner by getting in his answers first. Line-cutting, litter patrol, editing, cow dung and whipped cream...

The Amazing Race: Television for Cats – Episodes Four through Six

Sonia returns to help us speak with Smokey, Priss and Eddie. Fish juice? Yum!

Steve's Turn

Steve (otherwise known to TAR fans as Geezer) takes a turn at answering our questions.

Just Josh

Steve hasn't had time to answer our questions here, so until he does, read what Josh has to say. We'll add Steve's responses when they come in.

Solo Cindy

The helpful CBS PR person returned our questionnaire for Cindy and Russell with the note that Russell was currently unavailable. So, here is Cindy's take on things. (We see a future for her as a speaker for Gortex.)

The Amazing Race: Television for Cats

In a rare cross-over event that should warm the hearts of reality TV fans everywhere, the Animal Planet’s Pet Psychic, Sonia, visited with three Washington, DC area house cats to discuss their television viewing habits.


Substituting s-bombs for f-bombs, Amanda and Chris have a field day with our questions. The defense of toilet paper and hats, race induced hallucinations, the "Flo eyes," and chicken dances -- it's all here.

Phat, Phun and Phorty

Debra and Steve - the first team eliminated from TAR4 - kindly agreed to an interview. Handcuffs? Snoring as a fiendish plot? Cha love? It's all here.

Cindy’s Italian-English Phrase Book

Everyone seems to agree that Cindy needs some help in dealing with her difficult partner. Therefore, with the help of Babelfish, we TARflies have compiled a list of useful phrases.

CBS Put on Notice!

TARflies say: "The Amazing Race, is, in fact, the only reality TV show that matters." So cut out all the rest of the crap you have on the air and give us our TAR or we'll sic Guido on you!