The Amazing Race 3

TAR3 Memories

Can you believe it's time for TAR3 memories? Boy, time flies in GSNland. So, join some Racers and fans as they remember the good times...and the bad ones. (Updated on August 8th to include comments from Ian.)

Tears, Throw Up, Prayers, and Abnormally Large Insects: Leg 1 Random Thoughts

I remember the night before we flew out. Dad and I sat around our kitchen table with my mom, sister, and my mom and dad's best friends.

The Sound of Snark

As we head into part two of our interview with TAR3's Ken and Gerard, the hills are alive with the sound of snark.

Oh, Brother!

Remember TAR3's snarky, bald brothers? Of course you do. They are still just as snarky and fun as ever, so get comfy and settle in for part one of our chat with them.

Family Matters

Dennis and Andrew (the father/son team from The Amazing Race 3) talk with us via e-mail about their experiences on the Race, the importance of family and respecting differences.

The World-Wide Games

TAR3 co-winner, Zach Behr, recently returned from working the 2004 Olympics in Athens. In this interview, he talks with us about his experience working on one of the largest TV productions around.

Go with the Flo

What's Flo been up to? Is she interested in an All-Star TAR? You might be surprised by the answer.

It's All About TAR3

Use this crossword puzzle to test your knowledge of the third installment of TAR as you get ready for the new premire later this month.

Catch up with Zach

Once again showing his patience with demanding women, Zach (co-winner of TAR3) agreed to an e-mail interview. Did he know he and Flo were safe in Switzerland? What was the deal with the business class tickets? What's he been up to post-Race?


Check out this timeline of the third Season of TAR.

Flo Has Change Of Heart; Hands Over Winnings To Zach

In a startling development never before seen in reality tv, co-winner of The Amazing Race 3 Flo Pesenti has decided to fork over her share of the million dollar prize to partner Zach Behr.