The Amazing Race 2

How Chris and I Got on the Amazing Race

Well Ö Around August of 2000 I decided to quit my corporate job and set sail for St. John in the US Virgin Islands. I dropped off my car, which contained all my belongings, at Chrisís house near Clemson University, where he was finishing up school.

TAR2 Memories

It's time to go down TAR Memory Lane again. This time, it's Amazing Race 2 style. This issue has a special feature: episode recaps of the first 5 episodes by Cyndi & Russell. So, settle in, get comfy and reminisce with us.

From the Race to the Chef's Table

Alex Boylan, part of the winning team for the second season of the Amazing Race and currently starring on PBS's At the Chef's Table, took some time while traversing a golf course with his sister to talk to the TARflies Times.

Talk to the Cha

What's Danny been up to since being on Season 2 of The Amazing Race? Find out about the Trust he's set up and how you can help.

That's Cyndi - with a Y

Proving the race didn't spoil her, TAR2 contestant Cyndi agreed to come play in our little wading pool. What was the most essential item in her backpack? The best and worst race moments? What's she been up to post-race? And All-Star? You bet!


Everything you need to know about TAR2.

Heather & Eve = HELPLESS?

Not wanting to be put down any longer for reading 'inaccuracies', The Amazing Race's Heather and Eve have released a reading comprehension program entitled "Heather and Eve's Literacy Program for Legally Educated Sorority Sisters" or HELPLESS.

Sing Along with TAR

It's TARaoke time!