The Amazing Race

A TAR1 Virgin Speaks . . .

Those of us who have been watching since TAR1 first aired were curious about how a TARfly who'd never seen Season One would react to it. So, we asked a TAR1 Virgin.

TAR1 Moments

For some of us, watching the TAR1 repeats on GSN will be like going home - back to the starting place. These short reflections are from the mental scrapbooks of Racers and fans, to share with those for whom TAR1 is brand new.

A Friendly and Affable Fellow

Newlywed Drew takes the time to talk with us about the love of his life and the adventure that is known as The Amazing Race.

The Dark Side of TAR1

Racers get testy, oh yes they get testy. They say things they'd rather forget. Well, M. Darcy hopes you remember for this trivia test she's called "The Dark Side of TAR Season 1."

Gab with Guido

Smokey, Priscilla and Eddie, our special pet correspondents, approached Guido for a rare interview. Despite them being cats and all, he agreed.

Gay Reality

Team Guido tells us all about their new book, what they've been up to since the race and their feelings on an All-Star race.

Who Said Dat?

Tribefan put together this collection of quotes from TAR1 - how good are you at figuring out who said what?

Rainman - Un-Edited

Proving once again that the editors on TAR can be harsh taskmasters, Brennan (co-winner, first season) chats about all sorts of things. How did he get caught up in a Blake scheme? Does he still think about the lovely Sara? Giggler or not?


Everything you need to know about TAR1.

Q&A with Kevin

Kevin, one half of the very popular Frat Brothers team from Season One of The Amazing Race, was kind enough to respond to an e-mail interview. Find out what he's been up to, who he hangs with and why he wanted to race in the first place.