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"In Control" Vol. XVI, No. 10

Here we are again. Season 16 of The Amazing Race and, once again, Steve & Dave are back to walk you through every episode. Or at least, every episode we feel like writing about. Come to think of it, we may not be around that much this year.

"In Control" Vol. XV, No. 10

Let's play a game. We will give you six letters. You make a word out of the six letters. Pretty simple rules, huh?

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Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 8

I'm really glad that the Goths didn't get eliminated last week. They are one of my top three favorite teams this season.

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 7

Why did Phil just say, "Will Ron continue to step up to let Christina take charge"? I've never seen Christina really get a chance to be in charge. Whenever she does, her Dad always puts a stop to it.

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Alex’s Picks

Episode 2 Picks

TAR2’s co-winner, Alex, is back to give us his picks this season. Well, kind of – just read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Episode 12 Picks

Who does Alex think will join him in The Amazing Race Winner's Circle?

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Zach's Take

Zach's Take - TAR 17 Ep 6

Have Zach and Shawn's favorites to win changed? Listen in as they talk about episode 6.

Zach's Take - TAR 17 Ep 5

Zach and Shawn talk about episode 5 of a top rated show in Canada. You know, a little show we like to call The Amazing Race. Listen in.

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Clown Al Reports!

The Amazing Race 4.5: Al Looks Back

This leg of the race was most definitely one of my favorites. By this time, we had just seemed to get our stride going right and we also had a lot of fun running this leg.

The Amazing Race 4.4: Al Looks Back

We spent a lot of time that evening in the pit stop, racking our brains trying to figure out where we thought the race may go next.

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Letters to the All-Stars

Ever wonder about the letters that were sent to All-Star Racers but not found in the episode? Well, we've been calling in favors and digging in trash cans and, aside from a minor rash, are pretty happy with the results.

Ray's Take

TAR7's Ray checks in with his feelings on The Amazing Race 8. At least, it isn't his fault!

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