The Weaver Family

Here’s a nice family song for The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

New Zealand

It's time for a hoe-down – TAR style.

Model Family

Time to get out your Gilbert & Sullivan hymnals and sing along.

Shut Up Muddah (A Letter From DJ)

And you thought last week's ear worm was bad? This one has the added benefit of being campy.

You'd Think It Was India

Ear worm alert! Ear worm alert! (Otherwise known as: proof pseudostudent is evil.)

Adios, Aiellos

It's time to bid a fond folksy farewell to the Aiellos. Get out your guitar and strum along.

They're Driving 'Cross America

pseudostudent sticks with apparent theme of the series so far and does a little flag waving of her own.

The New TAR Season

Is there any other song that could be used to kick off The Family Edition of Filk?

TARtunes: Episode 10 - Our Grand Tour

They may have preferred a little Mel Torme, but pseudostudent sends Meredith & Gretchen off to Sequesterville to the tune of a Beatles song.

TARtunes: Episode 9 - Karma

It's time to kick up your heals and do the karma shuffle.

TARtunes: Episode 8 Bitch

Lynn and Alex sing their way into Sequesterville.

TARtunes: Episode 7 - Oh Phil Keoghan

Time to kick up your heels and sing about the joys of Phil.

TARtunes: Episode 6a - Sequester

Just what do those teams lounging around in Sequesterville have to sing about?

TARtunes: Episode 6 - Our Driving

The Race is alive with the sound of music.

TARtunes: Episode 5 - We Bang

At last, the dynamics of the Ray and Deana relationship are laid out – in song!

TARtunes: Episode 4 - We Won't Shut Up

Time for a sing-a-long with Pessimistic Patrick!

TARtunes: Episode 3 - I Went On the Race With My Girlfriend

¿Usted habla sequestor, mi amor?

TARtunes: Episode 2 - Oops ... We Came In Last Place

When you are looking for inspiration for a proper musical send off for a couple of "blonde Barbies," who do you turn to? Why, Britney Spears – of course!

TARtunes: Episode 1 — It's the Race!

Get out your TAR hymnals, turn to page 5 and join in as we sing along to our first TARfilk.