Amazing Menu

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Morocco

A warning about Moroccan cuisine: The Zzard and I recently went to a new restaurant where he had a common Moroccan dish, tagine, for the first time.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Ukraine

Another new country – Ukraine! Here we encounter borshch spelled in a variety of ways, usually without the “t” we’ve come to know and love.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Finland

Let’s start with some Finnish PR about how wonderful the Finnish people are and how great their diet is.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Mauritius

Every once in a while, I will stumble across the website of a person who is a complete fanatic about the next TAR country’s cuisine.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Kuwait

Okay, there’s not a lot going on here – there aren’t many recipes specific to Kuwait. There are many for the Middle East or Arab world, but I try to find country-specific foods, not regional foods.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu - Vietnam

This week, the Race revisits Vietnam, giving us a chance to write about a country that was last seen in the pre-TARflies days of TAR3.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu - Mongolia

After spending a long, hot summer attempting to not use my stove, I’m looking forward to doing some cooking, although Mongolian recipes probably won’t make the to-be-tried list.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Brazil

Welcome back to another season of trying to keep up with the racers as they dine their way around the world.

Chef Piperdown's Amazing Menu — Canada vs. The US

Since the Race was going to Canada for its final leg, we thought we'd get a TARfly with a foot in both Canada and the US to give us the lowdown on the different food choices.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Dinner at My House

Since this race has mostly taken place in my home country, I thought I’d extend the “home” concept. So everyone’s invited to dinner at my house! Everyone but the Weavers, that is.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Burgers

As The Amazing Race – Three Families I Sorta Like and Some Crazies Edition heads into cattle country, what better focus for the food report than burgers?

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Family Vacation Disaster Edition – Pizza

So we’re back here in the lower 48. With teenagers. Trying to find something they and their parents will both eat.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Family Vacation with No Murders Yet Edition – Pancakes

I was going to include waffles, but I think the Weavers’ visit to the Waffle House was sufficient.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Costa Rica

The Race is still not in the US, and the Gaghans are still in it. Both of these things make Chef Daria very happy.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Panama

Yay, it’s the old format! Hello, appetizers/soups/salads. Welcome back, meat and fish entrees. Make yourself right at home, vegetarian entrees. Glad to see you, dessert. And there’s more!

Chef Daria: the American Vacation Edition – Brownies!

Since TAR8–American Vacation Hell Edition is off the normal track, so is this column. Therefore, I am beginning a column about brownies by introducing my favorite dessert ever, which has no resemblance to brownies whatsoever.

Chef Daria – the American Vacation Edition

No, we’re not presenting the foods of individual states – or commonwealths, like Pennsylvania and Virginia. We’re presenting kid food!

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — England

I am not exactly an Anglophile (for that, see the culture report!), but I’ve never understood the disdain some people have for British food.

Chef Piperdown's Amazing Menu — Turkey

So, one would think that writing a food column about a country with the same name as food wouldn’t be that hard, but when was the last time anyone said to you “Hey, I know this great little Turkish place just around the corner”?

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Northern India

As one would expect from a large country with a complex history, there are significant regional differences in Indian cuisine.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — South Africa and Botswana

It’s a double episode, so it’s a double food report! Welcome to South Africa, which has a rich, multi-faceted culinary history, and Botswana, which does not, at least not in a form that makes it to the Internet.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Argentina

Argentina, land of beef, beef, and more beef. But Argentina has a lot to offer beyond just meat its wines are excellent, and even the vegetarian recipes are interesting.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Chile

So how much difference is there between Peruvian and Chilean cuisine? Is this week’s recipe collection going to be way too similar to last week’s?

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Peru

Welcome back for another culinary tour of the world, as we follow The Amazing Race for round seven.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine relies on a lot of rice and on very hot curries.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — China: Shanghai and Eastern China

China is a very large country with an awful lot of people. So of course, there’s really no such thing as “Chinese food”…

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Ethiopia

Want more paprika? This is a good week for people who like spicy food – the hotter, the better.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Corsica

Ah, Corsica! Technically, it’s French, but it has its own identity incorporating Italian and peasant traditions. So let’s get down with the wine and the cheese and the anchovies.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Hot Hungarian Soups

Hot as in spicy — warmth is up to you. Yes, this week, we’re providing a special edition of the food report for anyone who wants to eat along with the food challenge.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Hungary

Like the Germans, our Hungarian friends have many English-language web sites relating to food.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Germany

Fortunately, there are many, many websites with German recipes.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Senegal

Yay, a new country! And it’s not in Scandinavia, or even Europe!

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Sweden

Okay, I am officially bored with Scandinavian food.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu — Norway

Remember the putrefied shark from Iceland? We didn’t make or, God forbid, eat that. And now that the Race is in Norway, we’re not making or eating lutefisk, either.

Chef Daria's Amazing Menu – Iceland

I know, I know. You’re thinking "Icelandic food again?!?!." And in your neighborhood, there’s an Icelandic restaurant on every block, and the Icelandic food section at your supermarket is huge.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand, next location for TAR5, home of Phil, and the country in which they filmed Lord of the Rings (mmm, Viggo).

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – India

India is the land of a million possibilities, especially when it comes to food.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Dubai

I could stop this column right now and tell you all to go out to dinner this week to celebrate the cuisine of the Amazing Race in Dubai...

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Tanzania

The first step in serving a Tanzanian dinner is to haul out the mop or vacuum cleaner, because you will be sitting on the floor.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu – Egypt

Don’t worry, there’s no caviar on this week’s menu. I’m not even sure there’s such a thing as Egyptian caviar.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - Russia

TAR goes to Russia in the winter! So grab the vodka, pick up some hearty, whole-grain bread at your favorite bakery, and warm the soup plates for a meal that will stick to your ribs.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - Argentina

Argentina, land of beef, beef, and more beef. But wait, we had more than enough beef in Uruguay. And Argentina has a lot more to offer – its wines are excellent, and even the vegetarian recipes are interesting.

Chef Daria’s Amazing Menu - Uruguay

How cultish are we? Cultish enough to have a meal every week using recipes from the countries the racers visit?