Virtual Racers

Stress and Pains Down in Africa

Patrick & Kimberly experience the ethos of Ethiopia. more

Stomping Through Europe

Our virtual racers try for the Fast Forward in Corsica but instead end up driving each other up a wall. more

Hungary for Soup

Our racers spice up their knowledge of Hungary in more ways than one. more

Training for the Circus

As they beat feet from Berlin to Budapest, Patrick & Kimberly take time out to search for souvenirs. more

Drinking & Driving in Deutschland

The team experiences the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Berlin. more

A Salt and Battery

Patrick & Kimberly get off to a rough start in Stockholm and have trouble with taxis in Senegal. more

How Swede It Is

Our virtual racers chill out, then get rolling in Stockholm. more

A Norse Is a Norse, Of Course, Of Course

Patrick & Kimberly ride, slide, and glide (sort of) in their race around Norway. more

Ice Iceland Baby

Our virtual team breaks the ice and scampers to Scandinavia. more

Meet Our Virtual Team

When we introduced you to the TAR6 teams, we seem to have forgotten one. Get to know the TARflies Virtual Team - Patrick and Kimberly.