Clown Al Reports!

The Amazing Race 4.5: Al Looks Back

This leg of the race was most definitely one of my favorites. By this time, we had just seemed to get our stride going right and we also had a lot of fun running this leg.

The Amazing Race 4.4: Al Looks Back

We spent a lot of time that evening in the pit stop, racking our brains trying to figure out where we thought the race may go next.

The Amazing Race 4.3: Al Looks Back

Ahhhh, this probably wasn’t one of my favorite legs of the race.

The Amazing Race 4.2: Al Looks Back

Jon and I were just so happy that we weren’t the first team eliminated, It was also a wake-up call to continue to keep positive, always push hard and, no matter what, don’t give up.

The Amazing Race 4: Al Looks Back

Well, here we are two years later. Wow, has it really been two years? Hmmm, I think it is time for a re-race, whataya all think?

Not-so-instant Karma

What a fun, exciting ride it was. I kinda had a hunch that it was going to be a non-elimination leg, so I guess I wasn't too worried about it.

Parading Pachyderms and Colossal Camels!

All right, Race fans . . . this episode did not disappoint; it picked up a lot steam, and it had a frenzied pace throughout.

Tea and Tin

I was disappointed with the episode before this one, so I should say that I thought this episode was on the right track.

Goats . . . Goofs . . . and . . . Getting to the Finish Line!

Well, I guess we needed a lull in the action, but this episode really didn’t do anything much for me except completely ruin my prediction that Greg and Brian would be in the final three.

Double Feature

Wow. I am going to have to keep this one short and sweet and right to the point, ‘cause I have a lot to say.....

Horses, Planes, and How the Heck Did They Do That?

My freaking heart was racing this leg of the race… wow, each week is a completely different feel. Awesome.

Bikes, Beef and Boston Rob

Yes, Race fans, I think I been duped. I believe in one of my earlier reviews I said I would like to see how Rob does not being able to use the same strategy of scheming on the Race as you could on Survivor. Well, he definitely showed me wrong!!!

Schleppping, Schlopping, Fish Buying & Bitching

Al returns with some fast paced commentary on a fast paced episode.

Scratchin’ Eyes Out and Spittin’ Llamas

Al's back with his take on The Amazing Race 7. Something tells me, he liked this episode.

Clown Al’s TAR6 Commentary

Well, hello everyone! It's Al, writing to you literally from the inside of Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas, which is presently in the middle of the Caribbean ocean on its way to Cozumel, Mexico.

Yippeeeee . . . Yahoooo . . . and . . . Yields Away – Episode 11

Something tells me Al's a little bit excited about this episode....

Back home for Phil – Episode 10

Al does his best not to let his jealousy of the racers' going to New Zealand get in the way of his commentary.

A Visit to India... Bricks and Barbers - Episode 9

Despite being hobbled by crutches and busy as heck with school and work, Al sends us in another fun report.

"We are not triple A" & Ugly Americanitis - Episode 8

Hey, everyone, I have a very special TAR5 episode review. Let’s just call this an All Star review!!

The Denny’s International Passport Breakfast - Episode 7

Al's VCR let him down on his first attempt to tape this episode. Thank goodness for the Saturday repeats!

King Tut’s Revenge - Episode 6

Hey there everyone! Another Tuesday already!!! Wow... I just wanted to let everyone know that I think I got a little carried away and goofy writing this week’s little recap...

Episode 5

While TAR4’s Al takes some time off to heal a broken foot, he’s agreed to give us his insights into TAR5. Welcome, Al!