Bart's How-to Guide - Episodes 4, 5, and 6

How to tell if there could be a NFL overrun in your market: Look at the maps. There is a website that makes maps that show which markets have late NFL games and could get NFL overruns.

Bart's How-to Guide - Episode 3

How to avoid getting a hernia: Take care of yourself. While overexertion, like riding a bakfliet, can make hernias more likely, most of the other factors that may make hernias more likely occur due to poor health.

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The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death - Episode 8

Ah yes, it's time to actively embrace the curse. Can the Twins overcome it?

The Angel of Death - Episode 7

This may be the curse's biggest challenge yet. Can Mirna and Charla ward off the evil?

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Virtual Racers

Stress and Pains Down in Africa

Patrick & Kimberly experience the ethos of Ethiopia. more

Stomping Through Europe

Our virtual racers try for the Fast Forward in Corsica but instead end up driving each other up a wall. more

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Pet Reports

Pet Report - The Dogs Speak!

Barking in from the Atlanta area, we have two beautiful schnauzers eager to share their opinions of TAR. So enough with the cats already - we welcome back Sonia, who kindly interviews Lieben and Edie for us.

The Amazing Race: Television for Cats – Episodes Seven through Nine

Fish? Did someone say fish? And what about men who like men who like cats? Yep, Pet Psychic Sonia is back to help us talk to our special cat correspondents.

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Repairman to fix broken ox. Must be willing to work in mud. Send resume to INTENSE TEXAN@Im PACKING it.com


Writer for aspiring comedy duo. Material must actually be funny, because we aren't. Send samples of your work to Gary or Dave. thunk @ Boy - that - one - fell - flat - didnt - it.com

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Random Foolery

Mirnish 101

Our esteemed guest linguist, Frenchteacher offers us this basic lesson in Mirnish - the international language of panicked travelers.

Cindy’s Italian-English Phrase Book

Everyone seems to agree that Cindy needs some help in dealing with her difficult partner. Therefore, with the help of Babelfish, we TARflies have compiled a list of useful phrases.

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Diary of a Greeter

Leg 13 – Phoenix, USA

I think I’m in a lot of trouble, diary. Let me explain.

Leg 12 – Cairns, Australia

I have a new mantra, diary. “One more leg. Just one. More. Leg.”

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The Weaver Family

Here’s a nice family song for The Amazing Race: Family Edition.

New Zealand

It's time for a hoe-down – TAR style.

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Reports from the Yellow Line

Leg 10: They're on a Roll Now

It's all downhill for the racers as they have a ball in the Shire ... er, Phil's backyard.

Leg 9: Oh, No! Calcutta!

This leg, the teams raced in India, a country notorious for breaking racers. So why is everyone smiling?

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Top Ten

Top 10 Things We'll Hear on TAR8

Top 10 Reasons You Weren't At TARCon

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Sublebrity Sightings

The Perils of the Pop

Phil Keoghan, handsome host of CBS's The Amazing Race was admitted to Cedars Sinai hospital late Tuesday night for emergency treatment of a dislocated face. The injury was attributed to an attempt at an extreme eyebrow-pop during an appearance on The Craig Kilborn Show, and resulted in difficulty speaking clearly.

Joe's Secret Life

TARflies Times Exclusive: The photo that reveals Joe's scandalous secret life!!

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