Reports from the Yellow Line

Leg 10: They're on a Roll Now

It's all downhill for the racers as they have a ball in the Shire ... er, Phil's backyard.

Leg 9: Oh, No! Calcutta!

This leg, the teams raced in India, a country notorious for breaking racers. So why is everyone smiling?

Leg 8: Stay the Course and Fly Right

Some racers fly high while Eddie drives one of the reporters crazy during a Detour in the Dunes.

Leg 7: Great Eggs-pectations

During a Roadblock, we learn how much punishment a human being can really take.

Leg 6: Talk, Don't Run

This week, the racers take a quick respite as trouble starts brewing for the production team.

Leg 5: Something Sphinx Down There

The crew arrives in Egypt, a spectacular land of ancient wonders, mystical forces, and ... what's this about a curse?

Leg 4: Sound Off, Race On

This week, we get to know the teams a little better as we accompany them on their long trip to Buenos Aires.

Leg 3: Sweets For the Suite

In a competition involving chocolate, some taste sweet victory, while others swallow bitter dark disappointment.

Leg 2 - "Two to Tango"

Our intrepid behind-the-scenes commentators report on the racers as they discover the Argentine dance of love.

Leg 1: Uruguay an' You're a-Payin'

Alison wasn't the only reality star in Uruguay during the first leg. Find out who the other celebrity was, why he was there, and what behind-the-scenes hijinks ensued.

Pre-race Meeting

Shortly after the Amazing Race teams were announced, our offices received several mysterious boxes full of videotapes, memos, and assorted documents…