“My Ox Is Broken!” — a TARfly Review

If My Ox Is Broken were a person, it would be a little girl with a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

TAR5 Memories

Make sure your ox is in good working order, brush up on your Mirnish and start packing, it’s time for The Amazing Race 5 on GSN.

TAR4 Memories

As our trip through TARs past continues, it's time for ATCs, F-bombing cuties, clowns, and more Steves than you can shake a stick at. Yep, it's time for TAR4. Updated August 20th to include comments by Clown Jon.

Ray's Rai$ing Race Report

Rai$ing Race 2005 was a big success in terms of the money that was raised and the commitment of the entire community of Anderson, SC. I'm sure that Kelly would be able to provide you with the details, but the Anderson newspaper stated it was over $65,000!

The Rai$ing Race Finale Celebration

My husband and I arrived at the Anderson Civic center around 3 p.m. on Saturday, only a short drive from our home in Easley. It was very hot, it was very muggy, and it kept teasing us with little sprinkles of rain. A typical SC day in August.

TAR3 Memories

Can you believe it's time for TAR3 memories? Boy, time flies in GSNland. So, join some Racers and fans as they remember the good times...and the bad ones. (Updated on August 8th to include comments from Ian.)

TAR2 Memories

It's time to go down TAR Memory Lane again. This time, it's Amazing Race 2 style. This issue has a special feature: episode recaps of the first 5 episodes by Cyndi & Russell. So, settle in, get comfy and reminisce with us.

A TAR1 Virgin Speaks . . .

Those of us who have been watching since TAR1 first aired were curious about how a TARfly who'd never seen Season One would react to it. So, we asked a TAR1 Virgin.

TAR1 Moments

For some of us, watching the TAR1 repeats on GSN will be like going home - back to the starting place. These short reflections are from the mental scrapbooks of Racers and fans, to share with those for whom TAR1 is brand new.

On the Road with Phil

Tribefan just happens to catch up with Phil and his dad as they go cross-country to promote TAR and N.O.W. Isn't that convenient?

Racer Mechanics: From Budapest, Hungary to La Pietra, Corsica, France to Lalibela Lookout, Ethiopia

For the last few weeks, The Amazing Race has mostly treaded water around Europe.

Racer Mechanics: From Ile de Gorée, Senegal to Berlin, Germany to Budapest, Hungary

Endless bunching and random luck played a role in the last one-and-a-major fraction legs of TAR 6.

Racer Mechanics: From Voss, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden to Ile de Gorée, Senegal

The third and fourth legs of TAR 6 tested the teams’ ability to deal with locals and taxicabs, and included some task options that affected the arrival order of the teams at the end of the two legs.

Racer Mechanics: From Chicago to Grindavik, Iceland to Voss, Norway

TAR 6 opened with two well-balanced legs that tested most racer skills.

Racer Mechanics: A Pre-Race Look at the Season 6 Racers

With the release of publicity information about each of the teams in the sixth edition of The Amazing Race, there is now a basis to make some preliminary evaluations of the racing skills of the 11 teams.

Road Blocked: A Detour Through Fear Factor

The Australian weighs in with his opinion on some trends he is seeing in TAR's Roadblock and Detour tasks.

Racer Mechanics

theschnauzers breaks down the skills that make a good racer.

TAR Virgin’s View – Episode Eight

As a new TAR viewer, it appears my relationship with this show has run into a "roadblock" of its own.

Another Point of View

Whiterabbit gives us her view on Charla and why she was glad to see a Little Person on the race.

TAR Virgin’s View – Episode Six

Our virgin learns all about the power of redemption edits in elimination legs.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Five

Rules? Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules! Well, maybe TAR does, but they are confusing our virgin.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Four

Our virgin is feeling a bit queasy. It seems she's just now discovering that airports take turns making racers their bitch.

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Three

Is our virgin suffering from the first touch of killer fatigue?

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode Two

Our virgin survived the first ep - what does she think of the second one?

TAR Virgin’s View - Episode One

Each week, TAR Virgin, a TAR newbie, will write her impressions of the most recent episode. Here she weighs in on Episode One.

The Magic of TAR

The Australian expounds on why TAR is special.

Episode Thirteen - the Brawl for it All

It's over - the first season ends and we no longer get to see Rob doing it with his best friend. sniff (Sorry it took me so long to post them - I'm lame.)

Episode Twelve

Who's going to start the last leg in first? Does Team Guido have a chance in heck of catching up? If you ask them they do...the rest of us just laugh.

Episode Ten

An intense leg seems to leave everyone but the Australian happy - but he was the only one who bothered to write...

Episode Nine

The episode that proves anything can happen and that one shouldn't make assumptions about Fast Forwards.

Episode Eight

Take away all that vim and vigor and you gots yourself some killer fatigue.

Episode Seven

Oh, India - what do you have in store for our racers? Fatigue, stress, tempers and tears? And then some.

Episode Six

Well, it had to happen, didn't it? We eventually have to deal with [the strings of high tension followed by the horns of perseverance] GuidoGate.

Episode Five

In these modern times, it's hard not to feel a little lost as you make your way through the world. Racers are no exception.

Episode Four

Let's play "name that flag" and then take a slow boat to Tunisia. Oh yes, let's. The end though? It'll kill you. *sniff*

Episode Three

It's a short trip this week, but that doesn't mean it's dull - not by a long shot.

Episode Two

The Australian speaks his mind while miri suffers from deja vu with a twist. We're still waiting to see what Tribefan comes up with...

Episode One

Can you go home again? More importantly, can you write about racers after having partied with them – with all the noggin’ rubbing and ass grabbing that includes?

Episode Eleven

And now it's time to say good-bye to our Frattie Friends... *sniff*