Letters to the All-Stars

Ever wonder about the letters that were sent to All-Star Racers but not found in the episode? Well, we've been calling in favors and digging in trash cans and, aside from a minor rash, are pretty happy with the results.

Ray's Take

TAR7's Ray checks in with his feelings on The Amazing Race 8. At least, it isn't his fault!

Tears, Throw Up, Prayers, and Abnormally Large Insects: Leg 1 Random Thoughts

I remember the night before we flew out. Dad and I sat around our kitchen table with my mom, sister, and my mom and dad's best friends.

How Chris and I Got on the Amazing Race

Well Ö Around August of 2000 I decided to quit my corporate job and set sail for St. John in the US Virgin Islands. I dropped off my car, which contained all my belongings, at Chrisís house near Clemson University, where he was finishing up school.

Andrewís Amazing Intro to TAR5

The TARflies think that Andrew (from TAR3) has slipped through the looking glass. (And thatís a Disney reference, since there was an old Alice in Wonderland cartoon years ago. Read on for more.)

Ep Two: I Want to Bite Them in the Ass

It's a miracle that I have written this article-thing this week. There's hardly been a time where the TV wasn't being used to watch some version of the Real Rules-Road World Fantasy What Would Happen If We Stuck 36 Horny Kids In A Condo Challenge.

Ep One: Let the Scrod Licking Begin!

Well kids, I was all set to write this column about The Amazing Race season 1 when I realized, "Shit, I've already seen this show, I've been on this show, season 1 has been written about many times what the fuck am I going to write?"