Sublebrity Sightings

The Perils of the Pop

Phil Keoghan, handsome host of CBS's The Amazing Race was admitted to Cedars Sinai hospital late Tuesday night for emergency treatment of a dislocated face. The injury was attributed to an attempt at an extreme eyebrow-pop during an appearance on The Craig Kilborn Show, and resulted in difficulty speaking clearly.

Joe's Secret Life

TARflies Times Exclusive: The photo that reveals Joe's scandalous secret life!!

Racers Turn to Marketing

Do racers make good marketers? Krispy Kreme decided to give Kevin/Drew and Ken/Gerard a chance to design their new marketing campaign. We aren't too sure they are happy with the results.

Pope Drew

"Pope for a Day" Drew, of the first season of the Amazing Race, was seen giving a throng of TAR fans a blessing.

Exquisite Revenge

Not quite satisfied with the Alphabetical Ode to Visor greatness, Brennan extracts a bit of revenge by force-feeding a visor to Miss Alli. The final blow came when he made her declare it was "finger licking good."

New Barbie Doll

The makers of the famous Barbie doll announced a new "Princess Racer Barbie" doll. Serving as the model will be Season 2 racer, Paige.

Dolemite Remake

Frank and Margarita, stars of the upcoming Dolemite remake, pose for a pic on the set.


Not to be outdone by Kevin and Drew, Danny and Oswald go one step further and become conjoined with recapper extraordinaire, Miss Alli.

Going to Extremes

Doing all it takes to make it into an All-Star Race, Kevin and Drew recently underwent a procedure to become conjoined twins.

Trammel Spotted

Tramel seen standing on a corner holding a sign saying, "I'm famous. Seriously."