The Second Time Around

Shortly after their elimination episode aired (hey, getting a transcription done can be a bitch), Kevin & Drew took the time to chat with us about their All-Stars experience, stoops, triplets, speed limits, and anything else we threw at them.

Cho Chatting

In a complicated 4-way speaker/cell phone extravaganza that took almost as long to schedule as the Race took to run, we have a bit of a chat with Erwin and Godwin Cho.

From Long-Distance to Long-Term

Ray and Yolanda chat with us about the fun they had on the Race, the effect it had on their relationship, and what they are up to now.

MoJo Rising

Monica and Joseph show us a slightly different side to them than we saw on the Race. One that involves a lot of laughter and answers the eternal question, who needs mind games when you’ve got your mojo going?

Lightening the Load with Joni

She may have started the Race with a huge back-pack and a desire for some plastic surgery, but after taking in her surroundings, Joni decided to travel the road of life with less baggage.

Fear of Flying

John proves that first out doesn’t mean failure. The Amazing Race can still make a huge difference in your life—if you let it.

Hip, Hip(pie), Hooray!

After walking back from a late night dinner, BJ & Tyler gave us a call. Walking? In LA? Nobody walks in LA!

The Mad Hatter

Jonathan asked if we'd like an interview and we said yes. So, here's his take on Racing, story lines, editing and the press.

Life Lessons

It’s been a time of intense changes in Kelly’s life, from losing a best friend to going through a tough emotional lesson on national TV. She’s taking it all in stride, however, and turning the negatives into positives.

Race to the Altar

Satellite pictures, sunburns and foot-races to the mat: Ray and Deana talk with us about the effect the Race had on their relationship – it's a good thing.

A Friendly and Affable Fellow

Newlywed Drew takes the time to talk with us about the love of his life and the adventure that is known as The Amazing Race.

The Agony of da Bears

Young at heart or immature, either way you look at it, Don and Mary Jean are fun to talk with. And please, no need to send Don any more bears, okay?

Better Racing Through Chemistry

Rebecca, one half of TAR6's third place team, talks with us about chemistry, respect and those damn locks.

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Bonked on the Head

Hera chats with us about her time on The Amazing Race 6, her dad, reality TV and mactors.

The Sound of Snark

As we head into part two of our interview with TAR3's Ken and Gerard, the hills are alive with the sound of snark.

Oh, Brother!

Remember TAR3's snarky, bald brothers? Of course you do. They are still just as snarky and fun as ever, so get comfy and settle in for part one of our chat with them.

New York Jews in Iceland

Joe and Avi, team #1 in sequester, are the first TAR6 team to arrive at TARflies. They take time out of their busy schedules to talk with us about the fun they had on the Race and in sequesterville.

Bowling Moms Rule!

Linda and Karen laugh their way through a conversation about yields, teamwork, nerves, family, The Amazing Race 6 and the new "Bowling Mom Rule."

Family Matters

Dennis and Andrew (the father/son team from The Amazing Race 3) talk with us via e-mail about their experiences on the Race, the importance of family and respecting differences.

Meet Mr. Caviar

Chip and Kim sit down with us for a friendly chat. Find out what motivated them to go on the race and how they are using their good luck and hard work to motivate others.

Chatting with Charla

In this rather lengthy interview, we talk about the "m" word, bicycles, Madonna, a fantastic horse ride in Egypt and that "I can do anything" sound bite. (I couldn't find a good place to divide this up, so you get it in one long piece!)

It's a Wonderful Race

We finish up our lengthy Colin and Christie interview with a discussion of caviar, Zorbs and that darn Ox.

My Editor Is Broken!

In part one of the Colin and Christie interview, we left off with Colin handing the phone to Christie so that he could eat his dinner. We pick things back up with Christie.

Catching Up with Elise

When we last spoke to Amazing Race co-creator Elise Doganieri, TAR had just won its first Emmy. See what she has to say about developments in TAR since then.

He's Packing It!

Colin chats with us about the importance of being well prepared. Oh, and a few other touchy subjects. Christie joins in for a bit, too.

Mingling with Mirna – Part Two

Previously on "Mingling with Mirna," we were discussing the Yield and why we don't like it. We then quickly discovered, that we had strayed far away from our list of questions. Will we recover or are we hopelessly lost?

Mingling with Mirna – Part One

What do you do when people start forming camps depending on how much they like or dislike you? You let bygones be bygones and you chat with one of the members of the "other" camp.

The World-Wide Games

TAR3 co-winner, Zach Behr, recently returned from working the 2004 Olympics in Athens. In this interview, he talks with us about his experience working on one of the largest TV productions around.

From the Race to the Chef's Table

Alex Boylan, part of the winning team for the second season of the Amazing Race and currently starring on PBS's At the Chef's Table, took some time while traversing a golf course with his sister to talk to the TARflies Times.

Interview with Elise Doganieri

Elise Doganieri, producer Profiles From the Front Line and co-creator and producer of The Amazing Race, took some time from her busy post-Emmy win and pre-TAR5 planning life to tell us how a quality Reality TV show is made.

The Wax Man Speaketh

Reichen took a brief break from spending his half a million to answer our questions. See what the co-winner of TAR4 has to say.

Beware the Fog!

Proving that his good attitude wasn’t something he just slipped on for the Race, Jon answers our questions with great enthusiasm.

Go with the Flo

What's Flo been up to? Is she interested in an All-Star TAR? You might be surprised by the answer.

Tian Flying Fast

Tian took some time from her busy schedule of posting on TWoP (heh) to answer our questions. Jaree seems to be having too much fun away from the computer - and really, who can blame her for that? If we get her answers, we'll post them a later date.

Gab with Guido

Smokey, Priscilla and Eddie, our special pet correspondents, approached Guido for a rare interview. Despite them being cats and all, he agreed.

Gay Reality

Team Guido tells us all about their new book, what they've been up to since the race and their feelings on an All-Star race.

The Third Steve

The race's last Steve standing takes on our questions. More about those pesky airline tickets, some TWoP shout-outs and the longest eyebrow raise ever.

Q&A With Dave

Dave gets a leg up (knee up?) on his racing partner by getting in his answers first. Line-cutting, litter patrol, editing, cow dung and whipped cream...

Steve's Turn

Steve (otherwise known to TAR fans as Geezer) takes a turn at answering our questions.

Just Josh

Steve hasn't had time to answer our questions here, so until he does, read what Josh has to say. We'll add Steve's responses when they come in.

Solo Cindy

The helpful CBS PR person returned our questionnaire for Cindy and Russell with the note that Russell was currently unavailable. So, here is Cindy's take on things. (We see a future for her as a speaker for Gortex.)


Substituting s-bombs for f-bombs, Amanda and Chris have a field day with our questions. The defense of toilet paper and hats, race induced hallucinations, the "Flo eyes," and chicken dances -- it's all here.

Phat, Phun and Phorty

Debra and Steve - the first team eliminated from TAR4 - kindly agreed to an interview. Handcuffs? Snoring as a fiendish plot? Cha love? It's all here.

Talk to the Cha

What's Danny been up to since being on Season 2 of The Amazing Race? Find out about the Trust he's set up and how you can help.

Rainman - Un-Edited

Proving once again that the editors on TAR can be harsh taskmasters, Brennan (co-winner, first season) chats about all sorts of things. How did he get caught up in a Blake scheme? Does he still think about the lovely Sara? Giggler or not?

That's Cyndi - with a Y

Proving the race didn't spoil her, TAR2 contestant Cyndi agreed to come play in our little wading pool. What was the most essential item in her backpack? The best and worst race moments? What's she been up to post-race? And All-Star? You bet!

The Philiminator Speaks

We were presumptuous enough to ask Phil (host of The Amazing Race - for you newbies) for an interview. He was kind enough to agree. Could we talk him into giving away any TAR4 secrets? How does he feel about an All-Star TAR?

Catch up with Zach

Once again showing his patience with demanding women, Zach (co-winner of TAR3) agreed to an e-mail interview. Did he know he and Flo were safe in Switzerland? What was the deal with the business class tickets? What's he been up to post-Race?

Ask Miss Alli

Yep - we decided to do just that. We were pleasantly surprised when she decided to answer. Want to know what it takes to gobsmack Miss Alli?

Q&A with Kevin

Kevin, one half of the very popular Frat Brothers team from Season One of The Amazing Race, was kind enough to respond to an e-mail interview. Find out what he's been up to, who he hangs with and why he wanted to race in the first place.