Crossword Puzzles

The TAR10 Crossword Challenge

Tris throws down the gauntlet. Are you up for it?

The Amazing Race 9 Crossword

Test your knowledge of TAR9 with this crossword puzzle.

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Caption a Photo

Host This!

Two reality TV hosts, side by side. One's looking smug, one upset. What's going on? Who's saying what? Caption this photo.

Pucker Up!

Is it an invitation or a dare? And does it have to be fast? Caption Phil!

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Quizzes & Games

TARQuiz Episode 4

Here's a quiz about placing, splitting up, and catching up on The Amazing Race.

TARQuiz Episode 3

Time for your driving test at least you don't have to stand in line at the DMV.

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Other Fun Stuff

Make Your Own Hating Hat

From all over the web, we've assembled links to instructions on how to make your own hating hat. No TARfly is complete without one.

Sing Along with TAR

It's TARaoke time!