The ATC Report

“In Control” – Vol. XIV, No. 4

We have nothing this episode. No really. Nothing. We thought about an English to Russian phrasebook. It went nowhere. You can only do so many Chekhov gags.

We thought about coming up with some other “handicapped” clues. You know, they have the “Blind” U-Turn, why not the “Dumb” Road Block, or the “Quadriplegic” Detour? Listen, there are only so many handicaps we could have included; and even though you might not think so, Steve & Dave aren’t completely insensitive.

So, that left us with nothing. Bupkus. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Really – you can stop reading now. There’s not going to be anything more. Except this:

We don’t know why, but it makes us laugh.