Top Ten

Top 10 Things TARflies Learned at TARcon4

10. NY? Hot and Tight! - miri

9. Covering Phil is a good thing - M. Darcy

8. Touching knees with Phil is an even better thing - Miss Alli

7. Couch Baron: Baronific! - M. Darcy

6. Clowns give good hugs - KonaKina

5. If you want to take a picture of Brennan's ass, just ask - Tribefan

4. Kevin? So Miss Alli's favorite - all of us

3. Glark and Wing: cute as buttons - miri

2. Chris and Amanda: cute as cussing buttons - all of us

1. If you want to touch Brennan's ass, you don't even have to ask - RachelRSL