Carissa Explains It All

Carissa Explains It All - Episode 6

This column is so late because Santa asked me to be one of his reindeer, and it took me a lot of time to learn how to fly. I just thought I would add that for all of you Steve and Dave lovers who like that kind of foolish talk in your columns.
No offense poohead racers but I just can't like any of you yet.

My favorite team is still the Goths, but I also like the brother and sister team. I haven't picked a third team yet because they are all such pooheads. No offense poohead racers but I just can't like any of you yet.

The Goths remind me of Japanese cartoon characters when they wear their pink cowboy hats, or when Vyxsin wears her kitty cat ears.

Who's Your Daddy, Who's your Daddy, Who's your Daddy? IS THIS THE ONLY SHIRT RON OWNS??????????????????? Thank God my Dad didn't wear one of those goofy shirts on the race or I would still be embarrassed, now. Plus, the D's are backwards and that just bugs me.

When the sister said that she knew how to say, "There is a party in my pants," I thought that was pretty inappropriate to be on TV.

The brother and sister should have just stayed in line and not gone off to get information, because if you are nice, the ticket ladies will give you information, too.

I can relate to the brother and sister fighting in the airport because my brother and I fight all the time. 

I hate when people use metaphors like "I feel like I am on top of the world" or "Two wrongs don't make a right" in conversation because no one really talks like that in the real world. If I said something like that to my friends, they would just laugh at me.

If I were the brother and sister, I would have just taken the time penalty if my plane was leaving right away. Who knows how long it will take them to get a flight, and their penalty might only be 15 minutes.

Why is there a Greek Muse selling Italian stuff in the Butoni commercial? Shouldn't she be Italian?

Where are Jen and Nate's backpacks? Hey, the other racers don't have them either! Phil should let us know these kinds of things, because now, not knowing where they went is going to bug me for the rest of the episode.

I officially hate our season. All of the other seasons get to do so many cool things, like zip line and rappel off stuff.

I officially hate our season. All of the other seasons get to do so many cool things, like zip line and rappel off stuff.  I don't think there was one thing I did where I said, "This is amazing," like Jen keeps saying.

I would do the long and short detour because you get to zip line into the water and then row a boat near people and cliffs.

Jen and Nate remind me of Tom and Jerry when they fight because they love to attack each other and then go right back for more.

If I were Jen, I would have offered that taxi driver ten extra dollars to take me in my wet clothes. If the next passenger complained, he could just pretend that he didn't know the seat was wet.

There is a good thing and a bad thing about this wall building roadblock. The good thing is that you only have one spot to fill. The bad thing is that you know you are in last place.

Both Don and Ron are always complaining that they are so tired on the race. They should have put my Grandpa on the race, because he would never complain like that.

It would be kind of funny, and kind of not, if one of the racers got so scared of the guns shooting at them that they fainted.

Phil, don't eliminate Azaria and Hendekea! I like them. I finally looked up their names, since they got eliminated and all. They were supposed to come in second. Now, I only have one team left to root for.

I don't like the preview for next week. Kynt should not be allowed to yell at Vyxsin.