Bart's How-to Guide - Episodes 4, 5, and 6

How to tell if there could be a NFL overrun in your market: Look at the maps. There is a website that makes maps that show which markets have late NFL games and could get NFL overruns. For example, on December 23rd, the entire Eastern and Central time zones got a late NFL game on CBS, making it a prudent move to record the show after TAR to catch it all. It was a similar situation on November 25th; however, the author forgot to check the website, and thus was left with no copy of Episode 4 to use to write a column.
How to avoid talking about your feelings: Follow Ron's lead and talk about Lithuanian Pastries!

How to avoid talking about your feelings: Follow Ron's lead and talk about Lithuanian Pastries! The foods of Lithuania and Poland share a common heritage, so the best way to experience Lithuanian pastries is to enjoy a paczkipronounced poonch-key, a traditional Polish donut made to use up the remaining lard, sugar, and fruit prior to the start of Lent. These donuts are particularly popular in the Detroit area, where Fat Tuesday isn't called Mardi Gras, but rather Packzi Day. However, eat too many of the treats and it will be a Fat Tuesday for you. In Lithuania, the treats are called spurgos. 

How to tell that the show uses stock footage of airplanes: Pay close attention to the planes shown. The teams were flying from Burkina Faso to Paris on Air France, but they showed footage of a grey plane. And while Air France has a reputation for flying dirty planes, their planes are white, not grey. With a little work, you could identify the plane as the older color scheme of Korea-based Asiana Airlines, which does not fly from Africa to Paris. In Episode 6, they show Nick and Don getting on a plane that seats four across to fly to Dubrovnik. Then they show a picture of a Delta plane taking off. Not only is the plane shown not in the current color scheme, or the one before that, or the one before that, but it's in a color scheme that's been replaced three times.  In addition, the plane in question is an MD-11, which has not been flown by Delta in years, and is a wide body jet which seats more than the four across shown on the interior shot of the plane. And on top of that, Delta doesn't even fly to Dubrovnik. Knowing a bit about airplanes can help you call BS to the use of stock footage of airplanes on the show. 

How to improve your chances of surviving a side impact collision: Let's say that you're Shana and Jennifer, and you decide to back out in front of an oncoming bus. And let's say that the bus doesn't stop, but hits Shana and Jennifer. Which one is more likely to survive? The one wearing a seat belt. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, over 11,000 lives are saved every year in America thanks to seat belts.  In a side impact crash, unbelted occupants are thrown against the driver's door of the car, rebound and are thrown towards the passenger's door.  Seat belts prevent those injuries, and save lives. Wear a seat belt every time. It could save your life.

How to put the Amazing back into The Amazing Race: Go to an awesome city that most Americans don't know about, in a country most Americans associate more with war than tourism.

How to put the Amazing back into The Amazing Race: Go to an awesome city that most Americans don't know about, in a country most Americans associate more with war than tourism.  Set up an entire leg of the race in that city. It is this element-taking an undiscovered jewel and showing it to us-that sets apart the sixth leg of the race from the first leg of the race, and helps to make The Amazing Race amazing. 

How to get a redemption edit: Do something redeeming. Ronald's behavior may not be perfect, but it does appear that he's learned something while being on the race. Ronald and Christina are one of the rare teams who seem to work better as the race progresses. The race seems to cast teams that have "something to figure out" over the course of the race. While they may not have everything figured out, their relationship seems to be getting better, and they may be one of the rare teams that actually figure something out while on the race.

How to finish last in the fifth leg of The Amazing Race: Break down. Shana and Jennifer didn't lose because of their flights; they lost because they lost the ability to work together. By the end of the fifth leg, they had lost their composure to the point where they could not even count fence posts. Keeping it together is what kept Nick and Don on the race, and not keeping it together is what caused Shana and Jennifer to be eliminated from the race.

How to finish last in the sixth leg of The Amazing Race: Buy business class tickets. It has been a rule for many seasons that the racers can't buy business or first class tickets for flights. They can, however, be bumped up to business class from economy class, but the tickets they buy have to be economy tickets. The failure of Azaria and Hendekea to buy economy class tickets caused them to have to take a later flight, from which they were unable to catch up. Azaria and Hendekea were strong racers, but their elimination shows that even the best racers are just one mistake away from elimination.