Bart's How-to Guide - Episode 3

How to avoid getting a hernia: Take care of yourself. While overexertion, like riding a bakfliet, can make hernias more likely, most of the other factors that may make hernias more likely occur due to poor health. According to WebMD, poor nutrition, smoking, obesity, diarrhea or constipation, and persistent coughing or sneezing can cause hernias or make them more likely.

How to pronounce Ouagadougou: Understand that the city was named by the French. And while not all cities named by the French follow French pronunciation - you never hear anyone say "DEEEH-TWAAA BASKET-BALLL" - Ouagadougou is. It's really easy, once you realize that "Oua" is pronounced "Wa" in French. From there, it's all phonetic - "WA-GA-DOO-GOO".

How to know when to call out "Bingo": Pay attention to the game being played. When you're not calling out the name of a random stop on a railroad in Burkina Faso, you may be calling out Bingo at a Bingo hall such as Classic Bingo IV in Windsor, Ontario. They run several games, including one line, two lines, inside square, the letter H, and full card games. A giant number chart will tell you what game is currently being played. While the Canadian border patrol will question why someone under 35 is coming to Windsor to play Bingo, the Bingo parlor can be good times.

How to replenish your stock when you run out of milk: Don't go all Flo on us; get yourself to America's only Camel Dairy.

How to replenish your stock when you run out of milk: Don't go all Flo on us; get yourself to America's only Camel Dairy. The Oasis Camel Dairy near Ramona, California, survived the recent fires in San Diego County. And while it doesn't offer camel milk for human consumption, it does sell a Camel's Milk soap. In the United Kingdom, news reports indicate that camel milk could soon hit the shelves in the UK. Camel Milk is rich in Vitamin C and has less saturated fat than cow's milk. Soon Lorena's cries could be prevented by a trip to the store.

How to learn common Mooré words: Get a good word list. Jonathan Coleman created a Mooré primer for Peace Corps volunteers, with common Mooré words and phrases, such as "Karen-ruogo", which means "school", "Bimboko", which means "Bathroom", "Boe ying ta Lorena Yabda?", which means "Why is Lorena crying?", and "Saaga", which means "rain". It also includes common Mooré proverbs, like "Fo san ya zwanga boulega poga fo mi ti a kisi nif ramba salego", which means "If you see a blind man in a well, you know he refused the advice of people who can see." It also includes a proverb that has shown itself to be true in the race, "F pogdeb sa n teem sida bi f teem dakiya", which means, "It is necessary to be able to adapt to every new situation."

How to come in last on this leg on The Amazing Race: Be helpful, and be bunched. Mariana and Julia were the first team to leave the airport, but were bunched at the train. Their comment to Lorena to use the camels with the baby camels near them eliminated the advantage that they had over Lorena and Jason.  By paying close attention to the clue directions, they moved very slowly with their camels, which allowed Lorena and Jason to catch up, and ultimately beat them in the road block. This leg showed once again that the best people don't necessarily make the best racers.