Bart's How-to Guide - Episode 2

How to jump four spots in the order in short order: Take the direct route to the airport. Nathan and Jennifer, who started out in last place, set themselves up for recovery on this leg by finding the quick way to the airport and not stopping, passing teams that stopped to use the internet (Ronald/Christina and Kate/Pat) and teams that took a longer route (Mariana/Julia). Thanks to a quick booking agent at the airport and this quick route, they landed on the first set of flights to Amsterdam, which helped to keep them from getting eliminated this week.

How to behave like a peat-hauling ass: Always, always, think that you are right. Be rude to people when you're telling them that they are rude. Imply blame towards your partner in every word that you say. Tell your partner that they are wrong for choosing one detour option, but then tell the partner that they were wrong for choosing the other option. Drop one of the greatest quotes in the race ("real truth flavor"). Freak the heck out. Make your daughter cry. Keep on talking while your partner is trying to do the roadblock, even after she tells you to be quiet. No, I take this whole thing back - acting like Ronald makes you worse than a peat-hauling ass.

Sadly for Kynt and Vyxsin, there is no description of how to tie a gothic knot.

How to tie things up: Get help. There are a number of resources on the web for how to tie knots, including the ten most useful knots, a list of popular knots used in scouting, and a complete list of knots with animations on how to do knots like the Windsor necktie. Sadly for Kynt and Vyxsin, there is no description of how to tie a gothic knot.

How to understand the differences between the physics of pole vaulting and the physics of ditch vaulting: Understand that the goals are different. Pole vaulting is about the transfer of kinetic energy of the vaulter (in the form of velocity) to potential energy (the height the pole vaulter reaches). The goal is to perfectly convert all of the kinetic energy into potential energy, which requires the velocity of the vaulter to be zero at peak height. In ditch vaulting, you must maintain enough momentum, which is also related to velocity, to be able to keep you moving forward once you reach the top, and towards the other side of the ditch. While pole vaulting skills may help with ditch vaulting, the goals are very different.

How to finish last in this leg of The Amazing Race: Have a good attitude, but move slow. Kate and Pat understood that treating your partner with respect is important on the race. However, some of the best people can be some of the slowest racers. Kate and Pat were just too slow for the race, and their slowness caused them to be on the last flight, caused them to miss the third bus, and ultimately caused them be eliminated from the race.