The ATC Report

"In Control" - Vol. XII, No. 1

Hey, we already wrote a column for this leg. Didn't you read it? It was an interview with Kynt and Vyxsin (the Goth couple) that we did last week. Oh sure, we suppose that you could technically call it a column that was done before this leg was shown, and therefore technically it wasn't really this week's column. But all the technicalities in the world won't change the fact that we feel we've already completed this week's column and therefore don't plan on writing another. So sorry.

Anyhow, we've already started working on the next column (which we will submit at the conclusion of episode 2), and trust us when we say it is killer. With our limited capabilities, there's just no way we are going to submit back-to-back scorching columns. You all might begin to expect it. But watch out for next week.

Anyhow, what would we even say about this week? The race started in L.A. again - been there, done that. Phil introduced the race from atop a tall building in downtown Los Angeles. Hmmm...where have we seen THAT before? Teams got lost on the way to LAX - sound even remotely familiar? The racers flew from LAX to a country that began with the letter "I." The similarities are astounding.

Check back next week. We promise it will be worth your while. (Of course, there certainly is a very real possibility that we will continue with our normal work ethic and do nothing more on next week's column until the day before leg 3 airs.)